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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Christmas Celebrations at Suretank

Christmas Celebrations at Suretank

Saturday past saw the Suretank annual Christmas party take place. This year’s event was held in the race course in Dundalk, which proved to be a most exciting and lively venue, and was attended by a record-number of Suretank employees.


The merry crowd of partygoers assembled at the bar, many in festive attire, and enjoyed a round or two of pre-drinks before being called to dinner by the pleasant and obliging staff. A fantastic three-course meal was enjoyed against the backdrop of the actual races, which took place at twenty minute intervals and generated plenty of commotion among the enthusiastic punters.

Winning bet slips left broad smiles on some successful faces, while others cursed their luck (or lack of it!), before a final toast was called to recognise the endeavour and effort of all present throughout 2014, amid hopes of another prosperous and record-breaking year in 2015. A thoroughly enjoyable night all round, the event was a credit to both the HR department who organised the party, and the staff at the race course.

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