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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Cryogenics and nitrogen pumps

Cryogenics and nitrogen pumps

As part of our Let's Talk About Cryogenics campaign we take a look at what we do at Suretank company Prior Diesel, and our market leading nitrogen pumping equipment.

Used for a variety of functions in the drilling, workover and completion phases of oil and gas wells, nitrogen pumping is crucial to the oil and gas industry. The properties of nitrogen makes it an ideal tool for reducing risk by shielding potentially reactive materials from contact with oxygen.

Most commonly, Nitrogen is delivered in bulk as a cryogenic liquid, then converted to a warm gas. Prior Diesel specialise in this conversion. They are the global leaders in the design and manufacture of LN2 units, and have been manufacturing them for 20 years, adhering to the latest quality and safety regulations, including ATEX and PED.

Its LN2 pumps use engine power and recovered engine heat to vaporize and pump liquid nitrogen from the cryogenic tank.

Units are capable of pumping 60,000 to 540,000 SCFH of gaseous Nitrogen with pressures up to 10,000 PSI and at discharge temperatures of 70°F.

The liquid nitrogen is taken from the cyrogenic tank by a centrifugal boost pump to a high-pressure LN2 triplex pump.

High-pressure liquid nitrogen then passes through the unique vaporization system to convert the high-pressure liquid to high-pressure gaseous nitrogen.

Prior Diesel LN2 units are used worldwide on a variety of offshore and land based sites, for the oil & gas market. For more information please contact Prior Diesel here.

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