Iso tanks manufactured with specialised coating

Argon Isotank, a member of the Dominion Gas Group, recently contacted Suretank regarding an urgent requirement for production of Iso tanks with a specialised coating, to meet the needs of a customer demanding a product with additional chemical protection as opposed to the more conventional rubber lining.

Our two companies' technical teams discussed the requirement and the environmental aspects of the job, and it was decided that the most pertinent option was to apply a Coroflake lining which was compatible with the customer's products and also took into consideration the environment being operated in.

Spray on Coroflake systems combine the chemical resistance of trowel lining with the simplicity of the spray application technique, applying over 100 fakes on top of each other in a layer of 1mm thickness. A premium method of ensuring product immunity, Coroflake linings lead to greater and more economical long-term production of installations, a more sustainable service-life and can also be used at temperatures of up to 230° under normal dry service conditions. The Iso tanks have also been designed to include a flexible airline facility.

These specialised Coroflake-lined tanks are Suretank’s first to be adapted in this way, and the project has proved to be a resounding success. Argon’s representative for the project, General Manager Jon Bodicot, was impressed with our management of the order: ‘Both the accommodating manner and realistic lead times demonstrated by Suretank were highly impressive, and the end product proved to be a successful result.’ Mr Bodicot also suggested Argon will look forward to dealing with Suretank again in the near future.