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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Large shipment of specialist offshore tanks

Large shipment of specialist offshore tanks

It is with great pleasure that we are today dispatching a large shipment of 20 specialist offshore tanks to one of our customers in the offshore oil and gas industry.

This is a large project and very important to the end user as it allows them to operate more safely and efficiently at their drilling sites.


The units are specially engineered and DNV certified products that were designed in close consultation with the customer to ensure that they meet the very specific requirement of their operations.

The tanks are used in the offshore environment to transport and store a wide variety of drill cuttings to assist in adherence to safety and environmental requirements.

Through the development of a unique design for the internal workings of the tanks, they can eliminate blockages and bridging of the product during the discharge process to ensure higher levels of productivity.

The current dynamics within the global oil and gas sector mean that businesses are looking at ways to manage operations more efficiently than ever. This dictates the employment of appropriate technologies to ensure safety, reduce downtime and increase equipment lifecyles.

At Suretank we look to employ our expertise in ways that help to reduce the overall lifetime cost of equipment. This means that our builds are based on a detailed understanding of materials, the offshore operating environment, safety requirements and technologies to reduce the overall costs for our customers.

Developing specific equipment for our customers is where we excel so make sure you consider Suretank if you are looking for real cost savings.

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