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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Offshore tanks produced and certified in Brazil

Offshore tanks produced and certified in Brazil

At the recent Brazil Offshore exhibition in Rio de Janeiro we were delighted to officially launch our first Brazillian produced and certified offshore tank.

Manufactured at Suretank's Latin American facility  in Caxias do Sul, the 5000l vertical tank offers exceptional value and world class quality.  

Tanks of 1500 - 5000 litres capacity are manufactured at the Caxias do Sul facility which combines the world-class engineering technology associated with Suretank, with local production capacity. This combination of global technology and local competence offers maximum value for our customers.

Emphasis is placed on ensuring the highest international safety standards for our offshore equipment within the Latin American market, with global safety accreditations DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079, ASME, Achilles FPAL, and NSAIDs complimenting existing Brazilian standards such as ABNT and Norman.

Our strategy is to be close to our customers in order to rapidly enable us to identify their needs and constantly meet new demands. Our work is always oriented to add value, and based on the triad of business knowledge, technology and innovation.

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