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Prior Diesel introduces coil tubing power pack and control cabin for well intervention operations

Prior Diesel introduces coil tubing power pack and control cabin for well intervention operations

The latest additions to the Prior Diesel catalogue, the coil tubing power pack and control cabin, have become a source of much excitement within our Greater Yarmouth-based firm. Prior Diesel, recently acquired by Suretank, has always specialised in successful handling and refurbishing of coil tubing equipment, and has applied this expertise with distinction to the engineering and production of the new product range.

With regard to how the process works, coil tubing is both a cost and time effective solution for well intervention operations. Instead of removing the tubing from the well, which is how Workover rigs fix the problem, coiled tubing is inserted into the tubing against the pressure of the well and during production. The equipment, manufactured to enhance Prior Diesel’s well service completion product line competitiveness, consists of a continuous length of steel or composite tubing that is flexible enough to be wound on a large reel for transportation.

The coiled tubing unit is composed of a reel with the coiled tubing, an injector, control cabin, power supply and well-control stack. The tubing is injected into the existing production string, unwound from the reel and inserted into the well. Coiled tubing is chosen over conventional straight tubing because conventional tubing has to be screwed together. Additionally, coiled tubing does not require a Workover rig. Because coiled tubing is inserted into the well while production is ongoing, it is also a cost-effective choice and can be used on high-pressure wells.

The success of the first control cabin, sold to a customer in Azerbaijan, has generated much interest both internally within Suretank and Prior Diesel, and externally, particularly within oil and gas media circles; management within both companies are delighted with the competitiveness of the power pack and control cabin, and feel the products will become prominent additions to the product catalogue.

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