Refurbishment of offshore containers and offshore tanks

Refurbishment of offshore equipment offers the opportunity for our customers to re-commission underutilized equipment.

This equipment may be unreliable, unsafe or unusable.

Suretank can help oil and gas operators access large cost savings by extending the lifetime of existing equipment through applying the same exacting standards that are applied during manufacture of new offshore containers and offshore tanks.


Suretank’s engineering team starts by performing a detailed analysis of the condition of each unit, ahead of advising the customer on the most suitable approach to every refurbishment.

Refurbishment levels are decided by the customer but the vast pool of resources means anything is possible , not forgetting engine remanufacture if needed at Prior Diesel.

Quality and safety are central to the refurbishment process of every project with the delivery of substantial cost savings also being a key aspect.

The increase in demand for refurbishment, re-commissioning and re-certification of existing equipment is growing due to the focus on reducing operating costs without neglecting health and safety in the offshore environment.

Darren Nutter, Sales Manager at Suretank said; “We are seeing an increased demand for this service. Great savings can be achieved and in most cases the final product is indistinguishable from a newly manufactured unit. As a refurbished unit has a similar lifetime as a new unit it makes sense for customers to invest in existing equipment.

Suretank’s refurbishment service is not limited to original Suretank equipment so any oil and gas supplier can take advantage of the service to help reduce capital expenditure and increase profitability.