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Suretank provide engineered solutions including offshore tanks and containers for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Suretank supplies offshore tanks and containers to Total E&P

Suretank supplies offshore tanks and containers to Total E&P

Suretank is proud to have supplied a series of heated offshore tanks and containers to Total E&P for the Laggan-Tormore project.

Laggan and Tormore are two gas and condensate fields situated about 125km north-west of the Shetland Islands in the UK. They are located 16km apart in the North Sea. The Laggan-Tormore project involves the development of the two fields and construction of a gas processing plant and export pipeline. It is thought to be the largest construction project in the UK since the London Olympics.


The 3000l offshore tanks will be used for the storage of Sodium Hydroxide (50%). The tanks were manufactured in our state of the art facility in Dunleer, Ireland, which is one of 8 manufacturing sites globally. Certified to DNV 2.7-1, EN12079 and ADR/RID, the units have been built to the highest specification and safety standards.

These units are a great example of our engineering expertise and ability to cater for customers' specific requirements. We are delighted to be involved in such an exciting project.

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