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Suretank supporting local community in Brazil

Suretank supporting local community in Brazil

At Suretank we recognise our wider responsibilities to the environment and communities in which we live and work. We are involved in a number of initiatives designed to make a positive contribution to the local communities in which we operate.

Our latest venture is here in Brazil at Suretank Latin America (STLA) where we have teamed up with the “Associação SOS Vida” (Association SOS Life) Institution providing targeted support to a local kindergarten.

Established for working parent families, the kindergarten provides a stimulating, safe and educational environment for parents to leave their children whilst they go out to work.  Children receive an early years education, are provided with meals and enjoy recreational activities. Local families value the childcare service, as it gives parents the opportunity to go out to work, happy that their youngsters are being well looked after and educated.

After school hours the kindergarten becomes a youth centre for vulnerable teenagers. The facility provides young people with a safe environment within their local community where they can get involved in a range of sports and arts activities.  
Suretank's CEO John Fitzgerald has made a significant donation to the initiative and we'll be using resources within STLA to help with general maintenance and repairs to the facility. We also have a strong band of volunteers from amongst our staff all keen on 'making a difference.'  

The model we use is very simple:
1.    A management group with nine people ( from the STLA management team and  volunteers) has been set up to lead the initiative.
2.    No money is passed between the volunteers and Institution- funds are paid into a bank account and supplies bought and delivered directly to the Kindergarten.
3.    Verification of funds is overseen by an independent auditor, Rockembach, on a voluntary capacity.
4.    An accountability report will be produced for each activity including details of resources used, volunteers involved, and goals and achievements.

Association SOS Life is helping to improve the lives of hundreds of families and equip the next generation with knowledge and skills for life.  We're very proud to be supporting such a valuable service as part of Suretank's wider corporate social responsibility programme - Surecare.  

Our first Suretank funded activity for the kindergarten took place this month in celebration of National Children's Day.

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