Suretank has had an operational base in Brazil since 2011, when it signed an agreement with local partners to produce under license. In May this year, Suretank announced a majority ownership position in a newly formed business entity with its local Brazilian partners.

Marco Pfeifer, CEO of Suretank Latin America S/A, said: " We're delighted to welcome Mr Brian Glynn to our new facility and his visit here demonstrates the attention and care that is revered to business initiatives.

"We have the best combination here at Suretank Brazil: cutting edge technology and local customer care - facilitating customer service excellence, as well as adherence to industrial policies that are required for the Oil & Gas market.  

"Our operations concentrate on the production of CCU's (cargo carrying units) certified in accordance with DNV standards for offshore applications. The units are used to transport all kinds of materials required for offshore platforms.  

"The company intends to expand the range of models, including Reefers to transport goods and meals that require refrigeration. Tanks will also be locally produced for the transport of chemicals, acids, and fuels for helicopters. These products are under certification process," Pfeifer explained 

He added that: "The offshore market in Brazil continues to grow and expand with projected strong offshore production activity in the coming years. Suretank Brazil is well positioned to meet the projected increase in market demand for equipment certified according to international standards."  

The Suretank Plant in southern Brazil is responsible for serving the markets of Latin America as well as Brazil. Actions are aligned with global goals to be close to producing oil markets and tailored to the requirements of local content through Ordinance 36 of the National Petroleum Agency array. The operation houses sales, design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing.