Suretank manufactures offshore chemical tanks for transport and storage of a wide range of liquids used in the oil and gas industry.


Horizontal Chemical Tanks


Transportable horizontal tanks are used for the safe transport and storage of a wide range of liquids including chemicals for oil and gas processes, drilling processes, waste liquids and aviation fuel.

Suretank Horizontal Tanks meet the requirements of all current international codes for the transport of hazardous chemicals offshore. The Suretank Horizontal Tank also offers a low centre of gravity and easy access to the valves on top of the tank for operation. A range of footprint options are available to suit individual rig set-down requirements.

With safety as a key component of rig operation, these units can be supplied with remote actuation of valves, fall arrestors for safe access to the top of tanks, eye level dial-type liquid level indicators, ladders built into frames and fork pockets for ease of handling.

Suretank Horizontal Tanks are constructed to allow the vessel to be unbolted from the frame for repair of the vessel or repainting of the frame. Suretank can offer a wide range of painting options which all comply with the rigorous requirements of the offshore sea environment. A range of vessel materials, valve types, and classification agencies are available to meet individual needs.


Vertical Chemical Tanks


In the world of oil exploration, increasingly complex operations require a wide range of chemical solutions. Suretank can provide the transport solution for these important cargoes. Key to Suretank's chemical transport range is its Vertical Tank designs.

Offering capacities from 500L to 66,000L, options are available to use the tanks for both transport and storage requirements. Materials of construction, valve types and vessel capacity can all be chosen to suit the client's individual requirements. Smaller footprint, easy discharge and improved cleaning are the key advantages offered by this design.

For more information and specifications please see our PDF sheet. 

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