The Suretank Pledge is to work in partnership with our customers to find creative solutions and operational cost savings.

Because we know that the longer your equipment operates effectively and safely, the more return you get on your investment.

It is our guarantee that we will work in partnership with all of our customers to help them achieve increased efficiencies and reduce capital expenditure.

We take a proactive approach to understanding every single customer.

We engineer and deliver the highest quality equipment. And our relationship with the customer extends well beyond the point of delivery.

We make sure that our customers get the full potential from their equipment through our market leading aftersales care support.

We help customers identify areas that have potential for cost reduction. We have a dedicated spare parts business, run a repair and refurbishment department and provide support and advice on recertification.  

The Suretank Pledge is embedded within the organisation so we can provide the highest level of service and advice to customers, whenever they need it and wherever they might be.

To find out more about the Suretank Pledge go to #suretankpledge

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