600hp pump unit for Zone II Hazardous area offshore environment


Whether the technical specification comes as an internal idea or a customer request for a new product, industrial equipment manufacturers experience intense pressure to deliver a fully functioning product when it ships out the door.

Using the manufacturing experience of Prior Diesel, the design expertise of Suretank and the operational knowledge of the customer Hiretech we have managed to overcome what at first would have appeared to be impossible and design a two piece 600hp pump unit suitable for use in a Zone II Hazardous area offshore environment with the individual sections weighing no more than 9,500 kgs with a containerised and acoustically treated engine section. 

Forever changing legislation makes any new design a challenge and offshore cranes being downgraded to below 10,000 kgs make existing equipment unsuitable to be lifted off a boat and the need for versatility becomes more apparent.

The design that Prior Diesel, Suretank and Hiretech have come up with covers all these issues and have even included in the design the ability to lift the units individually or join the two pieces together and be lifted as a single piece unit by either crane or forklift.  This gives the equipment owner far more options when it comes to moving the equipment about in their yard and to how they prep the unit for load out.

After several months of development this concept design is now a functional unit, pictured here below. It has exceeded expectations and we are extremely proud of the end result.

This project had been testament to the team's ability to optimise opportunities when starting with a blank canvas on seemingly simple products such as the diesel driven pump unit. 

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