A lean initiative for manufacturer of offshore tanks and containers

A lean initiative for manufacturer of offshore tanks and containers

We've been extremely busy over the last 12 months developing our lean initiative to ensure ongoing efficiencies and quality in the production of our products for the offshore oil and gas industry, and we are pleased to have made some significant developments. Our focus has been on the three key areas of standard work procedures, manufacturing area layout and visual management.

Emphasis has been placed on building quality into the process by strengthening our standard work procedures which provide a solid foundation for continuous improvement. Our standard work procedures ensure the best combined use of our people, machines and material to complete a process with minimum waste, at a consistent level of quality. We are continuously developing and updating our standard work procedures so that the manufacturing process can be refined and controlled as improvements and ideas are developed.

Improved  manufacturing area layout was a project developed to focus on implementing continuous flow within the manufacturing process, reducing wastes such as transportation, waiting, motion and WIP.

Finally our continued development of the visual management standard has involved the introduction of visual manage boards, workstation shadow boards, team sheets and painting of the manufacturing floor area.
The three projects were all strategically selected to complement each other, with the shared focused approach to identify, reduce and eliminate waste from the manufacturing process, while lifting overall quality standards and consistency by developing the 5 Lean Principles; Value, Value Stream, Continuous Flow, Pull and Perfection. 

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