An innovative office design for offshore tank manufacturer in Thailand

An innovative office design for offshore tank manufacturer in Thailand

At Suretank Thailand we recently decided to enlist the help of some local Architecture Design students in coming up with a new office complex design for our factory location in Ban Chang. The students from  Sripatum University Bangkok  were tasked with the challenge of creating a new, environmentally  friendly Suretank Thailand Office design utilizing all existing containers modified for office use. The concept needed to be energy efficient , provide a pleasant and productive working environment for employees, encourage intra-company communication and support the information and workflow in line with Suretank’s Lean Organisation approach.


After several weeks of hard work five successful groups travelled to Suretank Thailand to present their initial concepts and learn more about our facilities where we build our offshore cargo carrying units and tanks. While on their visit the students were able to understand better the limitations and spatial constraints of communicating in containers and a factory environment, and were challenged to go back and improve their already impressive designs.

An excited delegation from Suretank then travelled to Sripatum University to witness the final presentation of five group concepts. The quality of the students work was apparent when the Travelling Delegation were unable to agree on a unanimous winner! However after lengthy debate and discussion it was decided that the project titled “Family Tree” matched the task best and was deservedly selected champion. We are all now working hard to develop this Concept into Reality!

We would like to extend a huge thank you and congratulations to the University and participating students. We were extremely impressed with the level of skill and creativity displayed by the students and are grateful for their involvement in what is proving to be a very exciting project for all those involved.

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