Another successful refurbishment, another satisfied customer

Another successful refurbishment, another satisfied customer
Suretank has recently completed another successful refurbishment project, this time for the Danish company, Pieter Mouritsen, specialists in rental equipment for offshore.

The aim of the project was to restore the bespoke units to a high standard in order to extend the lifetime of the equipment allowing the customer to benefit from substantial cost savings. Our experienced engineering team performed a detailed analysis of the condition of each unit, ahead of advising the customer on the most suitable approach for the refurbishment of the 1100L vessels.

On completion of the project we were praised for the quality of the refurbished units and our flexibility in carrying out the work. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Suretank can help oil and gas operators access large cost savings by extending the lifetime of existing equipment through applying the same exacting standards that are applied during manufacture of new offshore containers and offshore tanks.
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