Suretank supplies aviation fuel storage vessels to BP

Suretank supplies aviation fuel storage vessels to BP

Suretank is delighted to have provided the aviation fuel storage package for BP's Eastern Trough Area Project (ETAP).  Suretank was awarded a section of the overall contract in partnership with Harran Limited.

Suretank designed and delivered two aviation fuel storage vessels with a working capacity of 6m3, designed and manufactured to ASME VIII , PED [97 / 23 / EC] & CAP 437, complete with the following requirements: Local level gauge and high level control for filling of the storage vessels; Inspection manway; Floating suction; Name Plates c/w CE marking; Fabricated from customised high strength 316L stainless steel.

The storage vessels were designed so that fuel can be drawn from either vessel. The vessels are sloped and feature built-in drainage facilities. Critically, they were designed specifically for the roof of the additional living quarters on the ETAP's quarters and utilities (QU) platform

In order to minimise response times on the overall project, Suretank and Harran Limited worked with BP's tier one partner, AMEC, on the design, approvals and project management.

Suretank was responsible for the technical integrity of the aviation fuel storage units, including design, supply of materials, manufacture, inspection, testing and supply of process and mechanical guarantees for the equipment in accordance with strict BP and AMEC specification, data sheets, codes, standards and specifications.

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